Adsense Tips For an Income-Generating Blog

Monday, February 01, 2010

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Blogging is now a trend among many online marketers who want to further promote their online business at the least possible cost. Writing blogs and submitting them to directories are free of charge. Blogs are especially interesting for readers who are also looking for information that is related to what they are searching for or to their personal preferences. Generally, web logs cater to more targeted readers with its specific subjects being discussed. Increasing traffic to your blog site must be an utmost priority for you to earn the income that you desire. Traffic is the best and the first way to gain money from blogging.

Bringing as many people as you could to your blog site can increase the clicks you get for your ads. It is important that you know how to make Google Adsense an income-generating program for your web site since this one of the major income stream for your web site. Thus, rookies in online marketing are advised to learn Adsense tips and tutorials from experts in this field. You can make use of this Google program in order for your site to earn a decent income. Once you are able to bring in a good traffic to your blogs, you can earn from the clicks that your ads will get from these people who visit your site.

Furthermore, one of the Adsense tips that you also need to know is the importance of keywords especially the high paying ones. Once you write niche blogs using these high paying words, then you also increase your chances of having ads with very high click rates on your web page. The more keyword rich your contents are, the more that it will attract high paying Adsense. On the other hand, if you write interesting blogs, it can be one factor that will surely attract targeted traffic to your web site. Search engines are particular with having quality contents when they rank web sites nowadays.

Thus, you have to do your best to come up with keyword rich and valuable contents for your blogs. If your contents did not pass the qualification of these search engine giants particularly Google, most likely you will get irrelevant advertisements on your site. Thus, this lessens your chances of earning enough money from Adsense. Also, your site will land at the lowest rankings in search engines if you have poor blog contents and will not get good traffic. When you are into blogging, having a guide to Adsense by your side will surely pave the way to a more concrete business path on a long term basis.

The Adsense tips that you will learn from this guide will help you come up with better blogs that can attract the right advertisements that are related to what you are promoting. To profit from Adsense tips that you have learned, focus on the contents and the keywords of your web logs so that you can greatly benefit from the income you will earn from the Adsense clicks. Once you have successfully integrated Adsense tips with your high quality blogs, you are set to enjoy the benefits of profitable blogging.

Nihaar Gujjar

AdSense Joomla Integration

Monday, February 01, 2010

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AdSense ads are in fact a few lines of JavaScript code that we can embed anywhere on the webpage. If you have static pages then this is pretty easy. You simply paste AdSense code where you want ads to appear. Of course, you have to paste each ad unit individually unless you have some template for the website. Things are not so simple when you are using some content management system like Joomla.

Joomla uses a template system which defines the website layout and module positions. Module positions are places where you can insert page elements like menus, tag clouds, search boxes, social bookmarking widgets or ads. To include AdSense ads in Joomla you can install a dedicated AdSense module or a general purpose code insertion module. Each solution has some advantages and disadvantages.

Dedicated AdSense module is very simple to use. You simply enter your publisher ID, select ad type and size, define channel number, colors, publish module at the desired position and your ad is online. The disadvantage of this approach is that you have no control over the generated code. Google explicitly prohibits any changes to the ad code. In general, AdSense modules accurately regenerate the code defined by Google and there shouldn't be a problem. However, if for some reason this code changes you will have a problem. You should periodically (once in a month or so) check the source code of your website. Not just because of the ads, simply to be sure that all on-page SEO elements are present. When you add new modules and plugins to the Joomla website you may inadvertently cause some changes in page layout, header or at some other not so visible place.

The second approach to include AdSense ads is to use a general module like CustomCode. This type of modules inserts arbitrary code at any module position. This is very convenient where you would like to have total control over the inserted code. The disadvantage of this method is that you must be very careful when changing colors or ad format. It is very easy to change code at wrong place. Of course, you will use this approach if you are an advanced Joomla user and you know exactly what you are doing. With this approach you have also the possibility to add some custom PHP script like displaying advertising only to unregistered visitors or to randomly change ad colors.

Both approaches to insert AdSense ads into Joomla website are pretty simple with appropriate module. And for each module you can select pages where the ads will appear. This way you have a very powerful control over the appearance of ads on your website.

Nihaar Gujjar

Signup for Google Adsense Email Interview: Get $50 Adwords

Sunday, January 24, 2010

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Google Adsense publishers in North America have a unique chance to participate in a Google Adsense Email Interview to share their experiences on how they use Adsense to make money online.

They will choose from all applications and contact selected participants by email. These lucky Adsense publishers also get a free $50 AdWords credit, if they complete the email interview and also respond to any followup clarifications requested by Google. The credit may only be used with a self-managed AdWords account with a billing address in North America.

Are you ready to discuss your opinions about AdSense with a market researcher? Sign up for a Google Adsense Interview.

Another option for Successful Adsense users is that they can share their success stories with the Google Adsense team and get featured in the Google Adsense success stories page where there are lots of great optimization tips for both new and expert Adsense publishers. But by getting interviews, and enticing with $50 Adwords, now they can get many more publishers to share their stories and success mantra to make money online.

Nihaar Gujjar

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